Alternatives to AWR Report

William Ivanski
William Ivanski

There is a number of tools, extensions and other features that EDB provides in place of Oracle's Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports.

PEM - Postgres Enterprise Manager provides features targeted to administration, monitoring and tuning of Postgres databases.

EDB also provides an extension called edb_wait_states which adds a background worker which collects and stores, for every session, the wait events the session is waiting on. For more details about the edb_wait_states extension, please check here. The data gathered by the edb_wait_states can then be viewed in PEM graphical user interface through the Performance Diagnostic Dashboard.

The EDB Postgres Advanced Server also provides a feature called DRITA - Dynamic Runtime Instrumentation Tools Architecture, which is able to compare performance through multiple snapshots. The data gathered by DRITA can then be visualized through PEM System Wait Dashboard.

DRITA is also able to generate performance reports, similar to Oracle's AWR reports, through the edbreport(...) function as you can see here.

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