ERROR - epoll_ctl() failed - Invalid argument

Shaun Thomas
Shaun Thomas


The error

ERROR: epoll_ctl() failed: Invalid argument

may be emitted by a pglogical apply worker after it loses its connection to the walsender on the other end.

For example:

ERROR: epoll_ctl() failed: Invalid argument
LOG: worker process: bdr apply cluster-node-1 to cluster-node-2 (PID 1016) exited with exit code 1


This error has been replaced with a more informative message in pglogical 2.2.0. It will now emit:

ERROR: connection to other side has died

Root Cause

A network disconnection occurred, interrupting the walsender to apply worker link.

A number of causes are possible:

  • Network issues: intermittent connections, packet loss, routing problems, NAT connection tracking timeouts, MTU issues, etc
  • Firewall and intrusion detection system activity
  • A known PostgreSQL bug that causes unnecessary walsender timeouts during logical decoding. See related articles linked to this solution.

each of which must be investigated separately in a process of elimination.

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