How to solve the error in TPAexec where Ansible is not set

Raphael Vieira
Raphael Vieira
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On some systems, after running the tpaexec setup as root, running the tpaexec info command displays the following output:

PYTHON=/usr/libexec/edb-python39/bin/python3 (v3.9.18, no venv)
ANSIBLE=none (did you run tpaexec setup?)

This article shows how to resolve this issue.

Cause of the issue

In some systems, umask may have been set differently from default. In such cases, the user cannot read the files in the TPA directory.


To solve this problem, simply change the permission of the TPA directory from 750 to 755, for example:

chmod 755 -R /opt/EDB/TPA/

After that, run the tpaexec selftest command and check that everything is working correctly.

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