How to reset the EDB Support Portal password

Prince Nwando
Prince Nwando

Resetting the EDB Support Portal login password is a seamless process, required when:

1- The user is already registered in the EDB Support Portal but forgot their password; OR

2- The company administrator added the user, which triggered a registration email to be sent to the user. If the user didn't follow up before the registration window expires, then their password will need to be reset.

The following steps can be followed for the user to reset their own password:

  • Open an incognito tab to avoid cache issues;

  • Go to and click ENTER;

  • On the login page, click on the link Forgot your password? to reset the password;

  • Enter the registered user email address. Once entered, a link to reset the password will be sent to your email address;

  • Use the reset information received to reset your password.

Once the password is reset, the user can then login without any issues.

If any issues arise after these steps are taken for resetting your password, please open a Support Ticket.

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